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How it Works

Download the ProServe Quotes App and use it to build a quote for any repair or renovation you need.  Our intuitive App will guide you through all factors that may adjust the cost of any specific item. Once finished adding items to your quote, save your quote to your "My Projects" page. When saving the quote, you are given an option to "talk to an estimator". 

You've built out a quote and are interested in talking to an estimator - what happens next?


Unlike other service providers such as HomeAdvisor and Angie’s List, we do not sell your information to dozens of contractors and treat you as a product.  ProServe Quotes is an App owned by ProServe Alliance, a company that trains, supports, and coaches contractors and service providers.  When saving your quote, if you select “Talk to an Estimator”, you will be paired up with one of our top rated and top qualified service providers in your zip code. We send an introductory email between you and that contractor.  If after talking with them, if you decide you would like to talk to a different contractor, we will ask you to help us refine what you are looking for and hand select the best contractor in our alliance suited for your needs. After the service provider completes work at your property, we ask you to fill out a survey about the service provider.  You give them a good review, their rating goes up.  You have a bad experience, their rating goes down. Your review, along with our internal scoring system, allows us to filter the best service providers to introduce to our App users. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is the pricing? Will it change once the estimator actually visits the property?

Our pricing is very accurate.  Service providers in ProServe Alliance all commit to our pricing and will honor the prices that are quoted.  The only thing that will change the price is if the service Provider shows up and the site variables were not captured accurately or completely. This could include typing in the wrong quantities, not selecting the correct options, the client wanting different materials than what was budgeted for, and any other items that were not accurately accounted for in the quote.

What sets a service provider who is a ProServe Alliance member apart from other contractors and service providers?

We have certain requirements that all of our members must follow to be introduced to our App users.  Below is a list of what you can expect:


  • Clear consistent communication is mandatory. You should always know the current status of your project and what is coming next.

  • Our Service Providers will only complete work that has been approved. Any additional work that may be needed or changes to the scope, require your approval first. . If we have not discussed the change order with you, you will not be expected to pay for it.

  • We know that jobs are not always 100% smooth. While no one can guarantee perfection, our service providers can guarantee how they react to any issue with your jobsite. If it is not right the first time, our service providers will correct it. 

  • You have a 1 year warranty on all workmanship.

  • You will always be treated with respect and professionalism.

Why are some of the prices crossed out on my quote and replaced with a lower cost?

The more items you add, the cheaper some of our items become.  The crossed out price is the price of that item if it was the only thing on the quote.  If you start adding other items that can be grouped with the original item, the discounts start rolling in!

So how does ProServe Quotes make money?

ProServe Quotes is an app that was created to be an estimating tool for our members to help them build a quick, accurate estimate.  We then realized it is a great tool that anyone can use to budget for their home project.  ProServe Alliance makes money for our training and support services we provide for our members.  We made the decision that we will not sell you to our service providers, but instead, introduce our App users to our members as a reward for performance and being the best in their area. Yes, we could operate like HomeAdvisor or Angie’s List and make money from selling you to service providers, but by doing that, our motivation changes from trying to give you the best experience, to trying to make the most money off of you.

I’m having a bad experience with the service provider you connected me with, what should I do?

The majority of issues that occur between a service provider and a client usually are based on expectations not being met. Try to discuss with the provider what expectations you have that are not being met.  A calm, reasonable conversation where everyone discusses what expectations are for the jobsite creates a shared expectation that everyone can reference back to as the job progresses.

If the conflict cannot be resolved, we have a mediator service that will listen to both sides of the story and give our un-biased opinion on how to move forward.  Ultimately, the decision to stop a project will have to be worked out between you and the service provider. You should expect to pay for work and materials performed up to that point. 


Please note that while we give our service providers training and coaching, we have no authority to make decisions on their behalf and they do not represent ProServe Quotes or ProServe Alliance in any way. By using the ProServe Quotes App and choosing to “talk to an estimator”, you are being introduced to a third party service provider. You should do your own due diligence prior to hiring the service provider. Signing a contract with the service provider is an agreement between you and the provider and ProServe has no responsibility or ability to amend/ change the contract.  While we cannot be held liable for anything a service provider does, we will try to help mediate the situation by talking to both parties involved and giving our opinion as to how you should move forward. We also have the ability to remove the service provider from being introduced to any future ProServe Quotes App user. The potential loss of future work often pushes the service provider to give an extra effort to make our App users happy. This is why your feedback is vital to the quality of service ProServe Alliance members provide.


If you want to talk to a mediator to discuss your current situation, please email us at  We will need your name, address, the provider you hired, a phone number as well as a good time in the next 48 hours to call you, and a detailed description of the issue (include what happened, steps you’ve taken to try to resolve the problem, the service provider’s response, etc).

I am a contractor or service provider - can I get more information on ProServe Alliance?

Yes!  We would love to talk with you about how we support contractors and service providers and see if we could be a good partner for you.  Please email us at

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